Kotak Mahindra unveils a campaign ‘Sapno Ko SKIP nahi, SIP Karo’

Kotak Mahindra unveils a campaign ‘Sapno Ko SKIP nahi, SIP Karo’

It is a truth universally acknowledged that SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) have taken India by storm. Today, more than 8 crore active SIPs is a testament to the growing popularity of SIPs. However, when we look closer, we find that many people stop their SIPs prematurely due to market fluctuations. This often happens because their investment decisions are driven by short-term profit goals rather than an emotional connection.

Kotak in its campaign release said, “In conversations with people, we discovered that many juggle multiple dreams—owning a car, a foreign trip, securing their child’s future, early retirement, or a new house. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, some dreams get skipped. There’s also a significant number of potential investors hesitant to start SIPs, perceiving them as risky. Consider this: India has more than 25 crore automobile owners, yet only about 4.5 crore individuals invest in mutual funds.”

The company further adds, “With these insights, we’ve launched a campaign that builds an emotional connection and encourages long-term investments. We aim to help people invest more and stay invested longer, even convincing those on the fence to start investing for their dreams.”

It is in this regard that Kotak has launched a campaign, “Sapno Ko Skip Nahi SIP Karo,” which boasts to transform the idea of investing for short-term profits into making emotional investments aimed at realizing long-term dreams rather than skipping them.

The company has created three films addressing different walks of life to make this message relatable. These films will be showcased across digital, TV, outdoor, and social media platforms.

Supporting this campaign is a dedicated microsite that empowers consumers with interactive calculators and information, helping them plan their dreams systematically.



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