92% of Indian workplaces have adopted ChatGPT, with the number of users doubling over the last year

92% of Indian workplaces have adopted ChatGPT, with the number of users doubling over the last year

A new study by DeskTime reveals that ChatGPT is used in 92% of Indian workplaces. The data shows that in almost all offices across the country, there are individual employees or entire departments that have integrated this AI tool into their daily operations.

Overall, 42.6% of office workers in India use ChatGPT as of March 2024. This marks an increase from 23.8% in March 2023 and indicates that the adoption of generative AI in Indian workplaces has nearly doubled over the past year.

The widespread use of ChatGPT among Indian office workers is not just a trend but a testament to their innovative spirit. The study revealed that Indian companies are overwhelmingly in favor of this technology – 95.5% of the surveyed companies consider ChatGPT as a productive tool and encourage its use in the workplace.

Indian employees are leading the way in global AI adoption, demonstrating how AI can become a complementary tool to enhance office workers’ skills and capabilities. An earlier 2024 study on AI adoption and use discovered that in 2023, Indian workers were the global leaders in using AI-powered tools at work, with an average of 241 hours spent on AI tools a year per person.

“DeskTime’s findings highlight the remarkable pace at which Indian workplaces are embracing technological advancements. The rapid increase in ChatGPT usage signifies a paradigm shift towards a more innovative and efficient working environment. This study not only underscores the innovative spirit of Indian employees but also sets a benchmark for global workplaces on how generative AI can be effectively integrated into daily operations to complement human skills and enhance overall performance,” says Artis Rozentals, CEO at DeskTime.

Additionally, the study found that the most rapid growth in ChatGPT use at Indian workplaces occurred between January 2023 and April 2023, with the percentage of users rising from 13% to 28%. Although the pace of growth has slowed since April 2023, it continues to increase steadily.

The sample included 297 companies across India, with 14,818 employees in total, all using the DeskTime time tracking tool. The data was collected from January 2023 to March 2024.



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