Creatio Secures $200 Million to Enhance No-Code and AI-Powered CRM Solutions

Creatio Secures $200 Million to Enhance No-Code and AI-Powered CRM Solutions

Creatio, a prominent player in the no-code and AI-driven CRM market, has raised $200 million in a Series C funding round. Led by new investor One Peak, this infusion of capital will accelerate the development of Creatio’s innovative CRM solutions, enabling businesses to build and customize enterprise-grade applications without extensive coding knowledge.

The funding will bolster Creatio’s efforts to integrate advanced AI features into its platform, enhancing automation capabilities and providing deeper insights into customer data. By simplifying the app development process, Creatio aims to empower organizations to quickly adapt to changing market demands and streamline their operations.

Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio, emphasized that this funding will not only advance their technological capabilities but also expand their global reach. “Our vision is to create a world where any business idea can be automated in minutes,” Kostereva stated. The company plans to use the funds to scale its sales and marketing efforts, enhance customer support, and accelerate product innovation.

This substantial investment underscores the growing demand for no-code platforms that enable rapid digital transformation. As businesses increasingly seek agile solutions to stay competitive, Creatio’s offerings are well-positioned to meet these needs by providing robust, customizable CRM tools that leverage the power of AI.

The no-code movement is gaining traction across various industries, and Creatio’s recent funding round highlights the significant impact these technologies can have on enterprise operations. With this new capital, Creatio is set to further revolutionize the CRM landscape, making sophisticated automation accessible to organizations of all sizes.



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