Hallyu Korea in India! SOCIAL brings an immersive Korean festival across its outlets

Hallyu Korea in India! SOCIAL brings an immersive Korean festival across its outlets

SOCIAL, India’s favourite neighbourhood and community café, unveils ‘Kore-yeah’, a one-of-a-kind, immersive month-long Korean festival. An industry first initiative, the festival aims to celebrate the rich culture of Korea, giving SOCIALites across 53 pincodes a glimpse of the energy, the vibe, and the wave that has taken over the entire world.

The ‘Kore-yeah’ festival features a special menu (K-Food), themed beverages (K-Drinks), and a variety of culturally enriching activities, including K-Pop karaoke and Korean workshops. Throughout July, SOCIAL is offering engaging experiences such as Kimchi making workshops, KPop dance classes, chow-down challenges, and pop-up markets. With Korean culture’s growing popularity among India’s youth, this festival transforms SOCIAL into vibrant hubs for K-Culture fans, offering an authentic Korean lifestyle experience.

The food menu has been curated by Chef Yen Valavalkar and Chef Soonye Choi of Sattori Food Lab, alongside Chef Shamsul Wahid, Group Executive Chef, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. The menu has been created using Korean ingredients such as Korean rice cakes, kim (seaweed), kimchi, Gochujang sauce, the ever-popular Soju and much more. The KFood comes with a range of small plates, Tteokbokki, Bibimbap, fried chicken, and much more. Furthermore, SOCIAL has collaborated with Nestlé MAGGI® Korean Noodles to develop a range of ramen bowls. SOCIAL has also crafted special K-Drinks for the festival inspired by Korea, such as Soju Kimchi Highball, Somaek, The Atypical Sangria, and Hallyu Litchi Boba, among others.

SOCIAL has curated this experience in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to bring the vibrant and dynamic essence of Korean culture to its outlets. To recreate the Korean lifestyle, SOCIAL has partnered with Universal Music Group India, to bring the best of K-Pop Jams and experiences, and WinterBear, the one-stop destination for official merchandise in India, and similar other brands.

Riyaaz Amlani, Managing Director, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. says about the new festival, “Korea’s vibrant culture with its global influence on food and music has captivated audiences in India and across the world. With ‘Kore-yeah’, we are pioneering a cultural confluence where the flavours of Korea meet the community-focused vibe of SOCIAL. This festival is not merely a celebration, it is an immersive experience for guests to enjoy the rich Korean traditions and culinary excellence at SOCIAL.”

Chef Yen and Chef Soonye Choi of Sattori Food Lab share their thoughts on this exciting experience, “We are proud to associate with SOCIAL for the Korean festival as it is India’s favourite neighbourhood café, where connections and communities flourish. Now we are bringing the savoury delights from South Korea where consumers can experience a symphony of flavours and culture of Korea. Whether it’s the bold and spicy Choi’s kimchi ramen or the succulent Korean Fried Chicken glazed in the signature gochujang sauce, every dish promises to transport guests to the bustling streets of Korea. Complementing the experience are meticulously crafted cocktails and mocktails, adding an extra layer of energy and excitement.”

‘Kore-Yeah’ is an invitation to explore, savour, and celebrate the richness of Korean culture in a fun and interactive setting. Guests can now experience the Korean Pop-Up at SOCIAL outlets from 1 st July till 31st July, 2024, onwards and for online delivery through DotPe, Swiggy and Zomato.



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