Poem: A Hilarious Cry for Permanence

Poem: A Hilarious Cry for Permanence

By: Pankaj Sharma

In Delhi’s belly, Yamuna did twist and shout,
A river’s wild tale, with drama all about,
When the rains crashed down, making a splash,
Yamuna roared, ready for a water dance bash!

She filled her belly, no diet in sight,
Laughing and splashing, causing quite a fright,
The embankment’s folks had to flee in a rush,
Their homes became pools, a swish and a flush!

The roads, oh dear, turned into canals,
Cars floating by, with bewildered mammals,
Commuters stuck, no dry route in sight,
Oh, Yamuna, you caused quite a sight!

Amidst the chaos, the people did jest,
“Let’s build a moat, and put her to the test!”
But deep inside, they knew it was true,
A permanent plan was needed, through and through!

So, government, take heed of our plea,
Make us laugh, but solve this spree,
Let’s face the floods with wit and style,
With measures strong, let’s bring back our smile!

No more soggy homes or water-filled lanes,
No more raincoats as our fashion gains,
Let’s build defenses, strong and tall,
So Yamuna’s floods won’t make us crawl!

And when the rains come, as they always will,
We’ll be prepared, no need for a drill,
With laughter and jokes, we’ll weather the storm,
For a funny flood tale, now that’s the norm!



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