Woman in France Struck by Rare Meteorite While Enjoying Coffee on Terrace

Woman in France Struck by Rare Meteorite While Enjoying Coffee on Terrace

In a rare and astonishing incident, a woman in France experienced an extraordinary encounter with the cosmos as she was hit by a meteorite while peacefully sipping coffee with a friend on her terrace. This extraordinary occurrence has made headlines, capturing the attention of the world.

The Startling Event Unfolds

Narrating the dramatic event to local newspaper Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, the woman shared her startling experience. As she and her friend were engrossed in their conversation, a loud ‘poom’ sound suddenly emanated from the roof nearby. Simultaneously, the woman felt a sharp “shock” on her ribs, leaving her bewildered and in disbelief. Initially, she speculated that it might have been caused by an animal, such as a bat. To their surprise, they discovered that the mysterious object responsible for the impact was not a piece of cement, as they initially assumed.

A Mysterious Object Revealed

Upon closer inspection, the woman took the peculiar rock to a roofer for examination. To her astonishment, the roofer suggested that the object bore a striking resemblance to a meteorite rather than ordinary cement. Seeking further clarity, she consulted geologist Thierry Rebmann, who analyzed the object and concluded that it could indeed be a meteorite.

The Rarity of Meteorite Encounters

Geologist Thierry Rebmann emphasized that incidents of meteorites striking individuals are exceptionally rare, especially in temperate environments like France. He explained that such occurrences are more commonly observed in desert regions due to the higher probability of spotting meteorites there. The rock fragments collected from the event weighed nearly 4 ounces, showcasing the force behind this celestial interaction.

A Miraculous Encounter

For the woman in France, the encounter with the meteorite was a truly miraculous event. It serves as a testament to the astonishing wonders of our universe and the infinite possibilities that exist beyond our comprehension.


While meteorite encounters with humans remain exceedingly rare, this extraordinary incident in France stands as a remarkable and awe-inspiring event. The woman’s experience of being struck by a meteorite while savoring a tranquil moment on her terrace serves as a poignant reminder of the marvels that surround us in the vastness of space. As we continue to explore the mysteries of the cosmos, encounters like these leave an indelible mark on our collective understanding of the universe’s extraordinary nature.



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