REVENGE THEORY – a fast read with layered characters and an engaging plot

Revenge Theory

By: Linda S. Gunther

Onkar Sharma’s debut novel, REVENGE THEORY, offers readers a tale that centers around a smart young woman living in a small village in India who has a vision for a successful business. With focus and fortitude, she builds a superior food (“fruit jam”) brand that becomes well-known far and wide.

When she is cheated and loses her treasured company, she reaches inside herself to find the spirit and strength to re-establish herself in a new field as a premiere private school educator. But the road to the top is filled with obstacles that she will need to overcome or be forced to lose everything all over again to the same relentless barbaric opponent. Her desired revenge will either turn out sweeter than sugar or more sour than sour can get.


Linda S. Gunther has penned DEATH IS A GREAT DISGUISER and other suspense novels. Details about her and her works are available at her website:

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