‘Scars are Beautiful’ a style statement this Women’s Day

‘Scars are Beautiful’ a style statement this Women’s Day

This Women’s Day, Juicy Chemistry and Mommy Shots by Amrita come together for the ‘Scars are Beautiful ’ campaign, showcasing the beauty of postpartum bodies and stretchmarks. Feared and hidden always, it’s time they are celebrated and a reminder of how remarkably these women’s bodies change, grow, and stretch to accommodate life. 

This unique photo series campaign goes live today, 5th March 2024, where 11 moms flaunt their bodies, sharing their experiences of motherhood online to empower other women to change their perceptions and develop an appreciation for their bodies. Their stories are all about their raw emotions while reflecting and their change of perception of their bodies.

Era Vashishta, mother of a 2.5 year old shares her story “ I was diagnosed with chronic PCOD when I was 28, which got me very scared as to whether or not I would ever get pregnant or have a baby. I never thought of motherhood before this. Because of the PCOD it made me want to be a mom, because I thought maybe I might not happen. After which, I became a mom and everything changed. As soon as I met my baby that’s when I knew this is someone I want to protect for the rest of my life, the love is unconditional. It was so scary and overwhelming, but once you hang on to all these feelings you wouldn’t have it any other way, I’d never not want to be a mom. My scars are my tiger stripes, because I think I draw a lot of power from them. I’m a mom and this body gave birth to a life, which is what makes me bigger, it makes me a tiger.”

Megha Asher, the Co-founder & COO of Juicy Chemistry, on the partnership with Mommy Shots and the impact on body positivity through the campaign, said, “Through this powerful photo series, we hope to inspire and empower women to embrace their bodies, and scars not just physical but emotional ones as well, and celebrate their unique journeys of motherhood. As mothers ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with motherhood and the impact it can have on a woman’s body and self-perception. We hope that this campaign will help shift the narrative and encourage women to see their bodies as beautiful and strong, no matter their shape or size. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse representation of beauty and promote self-love and acceptance for all women.”

Amrita Samant, Founder & CEO Mommyshots, who conceptualized and shot the campaign says, “In my world of photography, motherhood, babies and art, creating something meaningful that helps change the world obsessed with perfection was very close to my heart. We want to redefine beauty with every line and every scar that spells resilience strength and a unique journey, we want to go beyond the surface with this campaign. They’re more than blemishes, they’re badges of honor, they are tender and timeliness. I am super proud of the 11 women who came forward to normalize what the society has for far too long considered unsightly.”

Sonia Chandrakumar, one of the 11 mothers who posed and actively participated in the shoot, shares her journey. “The journey of motherhood is very different for me, I had a really tough time the first 6 months. I had all kinds of nausea, I could not brush my teeth and I had a lot of body changes that took place. My husband was my greatest support because he constantly reminded me that there’s something beautiful coming out of this and if you want something beautiful in life you need to cope with the changes that take place in your body or yourself. So I kept reminding myself and dealing with the challenges. I’d describe my marks as Caleb’s wonderful art palette that I have around my stomach.  I would not want to get rid of my marks, I want to keep it as a memory.”

Motherhood scars, resembling intricate battle scars, are a testament to the unparalleled strength embedded in a woman’s journey. Each mark etched on the canvas of her body symbolizes not just physical endurance but an unwavering spirit. Celebrating these scars is a homage to the formidable strength required to bring life into the world. Each line narrates a story of resilience, transforming moments of vulnerability into showcases of maternal power. In the celebration of motherhood scars, we honor the remarkable strength that women possess, acknowledging their ability to endure, overcome, and emerge as the embodiment of unyielding courage. #scarsarebeautiful


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