Empowering Women in Technology: Isha M. Ambani’s Address on Girls in ICT Day India 2024

Empowering Women in Technology: Isha M. Ambani’s Address on Girls in ICT Day India 2024

In a compelling speech at the Girls in ICT Day India 2024 event, Ms. Isha M. Ambani, Director of Reliance Industries Limited, highlighted critical issues and opportunities for women in the field of technology. Here are the top five takeaways from her address:

1. Embrace Change and Innovate

Ms. Ambani underscored the necessity of embracing rapid technological advancements. She urged the young girls present to consider careers in Science and Technology, emphasizing that these fields hold the key to future job opportunities. “Be ready to embrace the change. Be prepared to take up Science & Technology as career options because Science & Technology hold the key to the future,” she said, inspiring the audience to break away from traditional roles and become changemakers.

2. The Pivotal Role of ICT in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

She elaborated on the transformative power of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), which is driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Highlighting ICT’s impact on various sectors such as communications, education, healthcare, business, and finance, Ms. Ambani noted, “STEM in general, and ICT in particular, are the drivers of this phenomenal progress in technology.” She stressed the importance of India’s demographic advantage and the need for both men and women to contribute fully to harness this potential.

3. Addressing the Gender Divide in Tech

A significant portion of her speech focused on the gender divide in India’s tech workforce. Ms. Ambani pointed out that although women make up 43% of STEM graduates, they represent only 14% of professionals in the field. She attributed this disparity to societal stereotypes and called for systemic changes to foster a more inclusive environment. “Closing this divide is a strategic imperative, necessary for the industry’s, as well as the society’s, holistic growth,” she asserted.

4. The Need for Female Leadership in Tech

Ms. Ambani emphasized the importance of female leadership, noting the underrepresentation of women in senior positions within the tech industry. She cited statistics showing that only 7% of women hold executive-level positions, and only 13% are in director-level roles. She passionately argued that women possess inherent qualities, such as empathy, that make them effective leaders. Quoting her mother, Mrs. Nita Ambani, she said, “Empower a man and he will feed a family. Empower a woman and she will feed an entire village.”

5. Strategies for Increasing Female Participation in STEM and ICT

Ms. Ambani outlined a comprehensive strategy to boost female participation in STEM and ICT. This includes strengthening STEM curricula to promote gender equality and ensuring that learning materials are free of biases. She praised the government’s efforts under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which have resulted in a 6% increase in women’s representation in the tech workforce over the past decade. However, she stressed that both government and industry must continue to work together to achieve a 50-50 gender ratio across all levels of technology.

In conclusion, Ms. Ambani’s address was a powerful call to action. She encouraged society to transform educational and societal frameworks to be more inclusive, thereby unlocking the untapped potential of women in technology. “Together, we can build a future where innovation is driven by diversity, and where our daughters have equal opportunity to become the leaders of tomorrow,” she concluded, leaving the audience inspired to drive change and contribute to a more equitable technological future.



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