Zen Educate Raises $37M and Acquires Aquinas Education to Tackle Teacher Shortage

Zen Educate Raises $37M and Acquires Aquinas Education to Tackle Teacher Shortage

Zen Educate, an innovative online marketplace connecting schools with teachers, has secured $37 million in a Series B funding round. The company aims to address the global teacher shortage crisis by revolutionizing recruitment practices and providing flexible solutions for educators.

Disrupting Traditional Recruitment Agencies

Founded in 2017, Zen Educate disrupts the traditional model of third-party recruitment agencies. These agencies often rely on analog workflows and charge high fees. In contrast, Zen Educate offers a self-serve platform that digitizes the entire process. By removing intermediaries, the platform efficiently matches teachers and schools based on compatibility, considering factors such as proximity, skills, and experience.

Flexibility and Higher Pay

Zen Educate recognizes the need for flexibility in education. Teachers can use the platform not only for full-time roles but also to find temporary or part-time positions that fit their schedules. Additionally, Zen Educate’s business model allows for higher pay. Unlike incumbent agencies with take rates of 35-38%, Zen Educate takes a smaller cut, benefiting both teachers and schools.

U.S. Expansion and Regulatory Adaptation

Following a successful soft launch in Minneapolis, Zen Educate expanded into four additional U.S. states: Texas, Colorado, California, and Arizona. The company now operates in a total of 11 regions in England. Over 15% of its 300-strong workforce is based in the U.S. Zen Educate’s technology-driven approach enables it to adapt quickly to varying state-specific licensing requirements, a challenge faced by traditional staffing firms.

Ambitious Plans and Strategic Acquisitions

With the recent $37 million funding injection, Zen Educate plans to further expand across the U.S. and the U.K. The company will also launch new software for school administrators, enhancing workforce management with tools for credentialing, compliance, and absence management. In a strategic move, Zen Educate has acquired teacher staffing agency Aquinas Education, signaling its commitment to growth and excellence.

Notably, former professional soccer player turned TV presenter Jermaine Jenas, an owner of Aquinas Education, joins Zen Educate as a brand ambassador. The Series B funding round was led by Round2 Capital, with participation from Adjuvo, Brighteye Ventures, FJ Labs, Ascension Ventures, and several angel investors.

Zen Educate’s mission to bridge the teacher shortage gap through innovation and strategic partnerships positions it as a key player in the education sector. As the company continues to expand, it remains dedicated to empowering educators and improving educational outcomes worldwide. 



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