Karan Johar’s Dharma Cornerstone Agency onboards Sufi Motiwala

Karan Johar’s Dharma Cornerstone Agency onboards Sufi Motiwala

Attention, fashion aficionados! Sufi Motiwala, the internet’s beloved style critic, has officially teamed up with Karan Johar’s Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA). Prepare yourselves for a wave of sharp critiques, hilarious commentary, and fresh fashion insights, all delivered with Sufi’s signature quirky humor.

DCA New Media, led by the visionary Ms. Kim Sharma, is renowned for fostering the next generation of digital creatives. They empower talented individuals to amplify their voices and make a significant impact online. Enter Sufi Motiwala: a fearless fashion commentator who has already captivated Instagram with his bold critiques and infectious humor.

On his collaboration with DCA, Sufi Motiwala shares, ” Partnering up with DCA in my journey into the world of fashion and entertainment is truly an extraordinary opportunity, it feels like a dream come true for me. We’re talking next-level content, and maybe even a sprinkle of unexpected collaborations. Let’s just say, get ready for some serious fashion disruption – with a whole lot of laughs along the way!”

Don’t miss out – check out one of his latest videos here.

This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a fashion revolution in the making. With Sufi’s sharp wit and DCA’s digital prowess, expect content that leaves no stone unturned in entertainment and fashion. The future of fashion is about to become a lot more entertaining, and Sufi Motiwala and DCA are leading the charge!



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