Did the online ad campaign influence BJP’s outreach to voters?

Did the online ad campaign influence BJP’s outreach to voters?

Recent data from YouGov Surveys indicates a significant impact of political advertising on the voting behavior of urban Indians during the 18th General Election. An overwhelming three-quarters (76%) of urban Indians reported encountering political advertisements, while only 14% claimed they had not seen any.

Among those exposed to political ads, a striking 81% noticed advertisements from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In comparison, nearly half (47%) saw ads from the Indian National Congress (INC), and a mere 12% reported seeing ads from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Notably, six in ten respondents stated that BJP’s political ads influenced their decision to cast a vote. This high engagement underscores the effectiveness of BJP’s advertising strategy.

YouTube emerged as the most common platform where people encountered political ads, highlighting the platform’s reach and significance in shaping public opinion during the election.

This data underscores the crucial role of targeted political advertising in modern elections, demonstrating its power to sway voter behavior and preferences.

Interestingly, millennials were more likely than other generations to report seeing an ad from Congress, with 53% indicating exposure.

YouTube leads as the most popular platform for political ads, with 67% of respondents encountering ads there. Television follows as the second most common medium, with 58% of viewers seeing political ads on TV. This medium is particularly popular among millennials (64%) and Baby Boomers (71%), highlighting generational differences in media consumption habits.

Instagram ranks next in popularity for political ads, with 43% of respondents seeing ads there, followed by WhatsApp at 38% and Meta at 35%.

Instagram is particularly popular among Gen Z, with 50% reporting they’ve seen political ads on the platform. Meanwhile, Meta is more favored by millennials, with 42% compared to 29% of Gen Z.

BJP’s ads not only have the highest visibility but are also considered the most creative by a majority of urban Indians (58%). In comparison, 28% think Congress’ ad campaigns are the most creative, while less than one in ten (6%) feel the same about AAP’s ads.

When it comes to which party’s ads resonate most with viewers, BJP leads again with 60% of respondents saying their ads strike a chord. In contrast, only 27% feel the same about Congress’ ads, and a mere 5% believe AAP’s ads resonate with them.

Furthermore, six in ten urban Indians (61%) reported that BJP’s ads influenced their decision to vote for the party or changed their mind about voting for another party. In contrast, around half of this number (27%) said the same about Congress, while only one in ten (10%) felt influenced by AAP’s ads.

Interestingly, millennials showed a higher resonance with Congress’ ads and were more likely than other generations to say they had been influenced by the party’s ad campaigns to vote for them, with 37% indicating such an influence.



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